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Founder's Testimony


Dear partners,

I greet you in Jesus wonderful name and thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to share our ministry with you.

I was blessed to be born to Mary & John Thandu and to be raised in His knowledge. As a college student it depressed me to see children on the streets craving for grains of rice to fill their empty stomachs. It is such a common scene in India to see children stand in front of the shops in hot sun, barefooted, and almost naked begging for food. I had a great passion to do something for them but was really helpless at that moment, as funds for my education were scarce.

After graduation I started working in the petrochemical industry and then for a software company. When I got the opportunity to come to the United States in 1998, I recalled my passion and felt that God has sent me to the US with a purpose. I remember how God made Esther a queen to relieve His children. I talked the idea to my family and friends about starting a children's home in the interior places of our city and they were very supportive. We prayed a lot about this and when I got married in 2000, my wife Rosie supported my ideas too and we started to implement our plans. My passion to help the orphans grew stronger when I knew that both of us wanted to do the same thing together. We fasted and prayed for God to do His perfect will in our life.

After many prayers we started Children of Faith ministries in India and built a beautiful home in Narava, a village area at the outskirts of Vizag in 2003. It has been a big challenge to start our ministry here and our family was robbed and abused for trying to approach this area but we felt the Lord’s protection in the area. We have 50 beautiful children in our home now, each child with entirely different background but they all needed food and a place to live. We are committed to serve the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength despite of all the hardships. There is a vast need but due to limited resources we are helping 50 children at the moment and would like to help 50 more children soon.

We like to help more children with the inflow of resources, and it just takes a dollar a day to give them a good life. These kids without your support would be on the streets begging in order to fill their stomachs.

Anand Thandu